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Our girls


We waited for the second Cavalier for almost two years and finally she was born. Sally caught our eye from her first days and we were extremely happy to find that she could live with us.

She was a sweet Bubble as a puppy, but as she grew up, she turned into a Bomb very quickly - thanks to her very energetic character. She is full of love and does not hesitate to show it - she is a master of giving kisses. She loves to be with people, takes caresses in any amount at any time of the day or night. Huge fan of our bed.



Daisy is our cavalier dream come true, our first dog in the house. It has been love at first sight with her - sometimes we feel that she chose us, not we her. She made us fall in love with the breed and confirmed us in trying to follow the breeding path.

Daisy is an individualist, she knows exactly what she wants and how to achieve it. She has a wonderful, balanced character. An avid lover of seas and rivers, especially those with a lot of mud and stones - she loves to fish them out of the water. She learns quickly and is very intelligent, which she can use perfectly to get her favorite treats.

At home, she is affectionately called the Queen because of her majestic behavior.


DAISY City on the Hill
(Ch. Pl. AMADEO Azgard x FLOWERING La Doro Bella)
JORSALA City on the Hill
(BLUES z Domu BB x APRIL City on the Hill)