Our kennel

The human Wiggletons are Joanna and Jakub, a married couple. We are absolutely in love with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed and we are very pleased that we can enjoy the company of these wonderful dogs every day.

In our breeding program, we focus primarily on health and the right temperament, not forgetting, of course, the typical beautiful body. Our cavaliers are under constant veterinary care, they are also tested for diseases typical for the breed (detailed results of tests of individual dogs can be found in the Our Dogs tab). Cavaliers in our breeding come from healthy lines, and each litter is planned and carefully thought out. We are a dog-human family, therefore every dog ​​in our house is treated as a member of the family and very much loved. We make every effort to ensure that they are happy with us.




It all started when we were still in university - we knew then that one day a dog would come to our lives. We started looking for a breed that would suit us best. In this way, we found a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and fell in love. We knew, however, that several years had to pass before we would be settled down and ready to invite a puppy to our home.

After graduating from the university, life thwarted our plans, but thanks to this, it turned out that THIS moment had come - we were looking for a puppy! And so, after a long search, our first girl - DAISY City on the Hill - found us. Only then did we really understand what a wonderful breed the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is. Then we also felt that it would not end with one cavalier. In less than two years, after searching in various kennels, Sally - JORSALA City on the Hill - from the same kennel as Daisy came to live with us. Here again we would like to thank the breeder of the girls - Anita Magdziarz for entrusting us with her puppies.





In our kennel, I (Joanna :)) am responsible for the breeding programm, I am constantly expanding my knowledge not only with professional literature or the experience of reknown breeders, but I also participate in many courses that broaden my horizons. Jakub is, above all, a master of wild games and cuddles and he supports me in everyday life of our kennel.


Joanna i Jakub Bogusz

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