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There is nothing more wonderful than the first moments with your dream puppy. But the road to this beautiful moment is sometimes much longer than you might think. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small breed in which the number of puppies in a litter rarely exceeds 6 puppies, and most often litters of 3-4 puppies are born. That's why it's worth taking more time to find your puppy.

Each litter in our kennel is carefully thought out and planned for a long time. We want our little ones to go to the best homes and be happy there so we choose a puppy that best suits a given family and meets their expectations. Therefore, in order for the puppy-family pair to be perfectly matched, we ask all potential buyers to fill in the form below. This will allow us to get to know your needs and thanks to that perhaps one of our pups could go to your family.

You also have to take into account the fact that you may have to wait a bit for the puppy you want. Therefore, we have a waiting list that will allow us to reach out to these people in the first place as soon as the puppies arrive in the world.


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